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Sometimes I’m wondering. However, I began all this blog? The reality is that if I start to suppose it all started once a visit to the state capital.

I am continuously likeable to try and do things once work, that if ceramics, article of furniture restoration … thus once the vacations in the state capital, wherever we tend to dine with straightforward and made Italian meals of the mamma, i decided that it had been time to try and do the change of state categories and What a coincidence, that the first treatise was of Italian rice !!

Penny Garcia
Penny Garcia Pic

But what’ a the affiliation between all of this has and making a blog?

Irene, one in every of the house owners of the Villa, created a site to place the opinions that were within the network of the those who had visited her home, additionally to swing links of decoration blogs and as you already understand, I began to click and click on Blogs of decoration, of Italian recipes …

And the time came !! Why don’t I produce a blog? I failed to understand what I used to be getting to speak. I wished to share my daily activities. However, the reality is that I’m quite reserved, and what I will begin is a few changes of state. I have abundant to find out. However, I continuously learn what I prefer. Thus I started with prescriptions, things I found on-line,

and I over up during a site chiefly concerning the change of state and recipes !!!

Here are the explanations of why I started this journey. I don’t know long it’ll last. However, I assure you that I have discovered what I like and that they ar change of state, pastry, photography, decoration, graphic style. I pay hours before of the pc to look wonders and taking notes to “inspire me”, thus here you have got a bit little bit of Maine, hoping to {find out|to be told} daily with everything I find on-line, on great blogs and along with your comments!